CPRS Districts


CPRS Regions & Districts

CPRS members residing in California are assigned to one of 15 geographic districts based on either their home or work address. The 15 Districts are grouped into 5 regions.

Region 1 contains District 1, District 2 & District 3 (in gold on the map)

Region 2 contains District 4, District 5 & District 6 (in green on the map)

Region 3 contains District 7, District 8, & District 15 (in blue on the map)

Region 4 contains District 11, District 13 & District 14 (in purple on the map)

Region 5 contains District 9, District 10 & District 12 (in red on the map)

CPRS District Map

Use our interactive GIS map to easily explore CPRS regions and districts. Access details including region and district boundaries, membership counts in your area, and even find your district president.

To get started, simply enter your home or work address or use the 'my location' feature to pinpoint your region and district. Use the icons in the top left to customize your viewing by filtering locations, zooming into areas of interest, and selecting from a range of map types including streets, navigation, topography, and more. Plus you have the option to save or print a copy of the localized map.

More features coming soon!

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