Push 2 Play Podcast Season 1

Push 2 Play Podcast


As Albert Einstein said, “Play is the highest form of research.” Hosted by members of the California Park & Recreation Society, this podcast covers the latest trends and news in the field of parks and recreation, aims to cover unique and interesting stories, and speaks with playmakers who are making a difference in their community or the field of parks and recreation. If you are looking to advance in the park and recreation profession or become more educated for your own personal growth – come play with CPRS!

Episode 8
Shaping (and re-shaping) parks and recreation

Jamie Sabbach of 110% talks about trends that are shaping (and re-shaping) parks and recreation.

Episode 7
Connecting with Henry Perezalonso

It's all about strengthening ourselves, our communities, and our profession!  Who have you connected with today?

Episode 5
Back To School: MPA Edition

Thinking about the next step in your public service career? Ben talks with professors from San Francisco State University's (SFSU) Masters in Public Administration (MPA) program. Although some of the information is specific to SFSU, the conversation is transferable to other universities that offer a similar program. Get all your questions answered in today's podcast!

Episode 6
Quiet Quitting - A New Concept?

Quiet Quitting... whether you've personally experienced this concept or are working with someone who may be in the throes of it themselves, there is hope.  Executive Coach and Principal for 110% Farrell Buller joins us today to share her thoughts around this 'not so new' concept.  You'll leave this episode with a nugget or two of wisdom and a dose of some great Farrell energy.

Episode 2
Fuel Up With 76

On today's episode we fuel up with the 76th President of CPRS which is Frank Carson. We speak with Frank Carson, Director with the City of El Cajon, about accessibility to parks, his goal as CPRS State Board President, and talk about why YOU should get involved with CPRS.  

Episode 4
Debunking Myths for Speaking at CPRS Conference

When was the last time you did something for the first time? How about submitting a proposal for this year's CPRS Conference? In this episode, Ben speaks with Marina Servantez, Director of Education, for the California Park & Recreation Society to debunk some of the common myths as to why people do not submit proposals. After listening, we hope you decide this is the year you submit a proposal. 

Episode 1
A CPRS Presidential Message

On today's episode we speak with Tom Hellmann, Recreation Services Manager with the City of Folsom, and YOUR CPRS State Board President. On this episode we talk about finding answers are not always in the typical places, the importance of CPRS turning 75, and Tom's experience as the President of the State Board. 

Episode 3
Marie Knight and Lydie Gutfeld - Sizing Up "The Fit"

Engage in a deep dive of leadership and real talk with our guest host, Lydie Gutfeld, and parks and rec superstar Marie Knight.  Listen in as we talk about how to handle not being the "right fit" and learning how to reassess every situation where a door seems like it has closed.  Marie and Lydie will take you on a journey through their experiences as  leaders and work to tell their story in a way that connects with you!  Learn about elevating your skills, handling emotional decision making, and knowing when to walk away.  This podcast will leave you smiling and inspired.