CARD Framework

Create Community. Advance the Profession. Share Resources. Develop personally and as a leader.

CARD Framework Goals

In 2023, the CPRS State Board of Directors and Executive team developed a framework of goals to guide the California Park & Recreation Society in meeting the values of its mission statement.

This framework outlines 'what' we aim to achieve, while each pillar describes 'how' we intend to accomplish it.

All CPRS Regions, Districts, Sections, Committees, and staff have a part in moving our association - and our profession - forward. This framework outlines our joint goals to accomplish just that.

Goals will be set collectively, reviewed annually, and celebrated through an annual report.


A note from Executive Director, Stephanie Stephens

With an eye toward the future, your CPRS State Board and HQ team have spent the past year working on a new strategic framework for CPRS.  This framework will serve as the pillars guiding all CPRS programs and services across various levels, including District, Section, Region, HQ, and State Board.

These pillars are designed to align goals at all levels of CPRS, ensuring a collective focus on creating a thriving CPRS Community, Advancing the park and recreation profession, sharing Resources, and fostering professional and leadership Development.

What about the VIP plan of the late 1990’s or the California Action Plan, developed in 2019?  Both are still valuable guiding documents, advancing the park and recreation profession here in California.  And, both helped inform this new strategic framework.  The principles and tools outlined in both the VIP plan and CAP live on in this new strategic framework providing a valuable resource for all CPRS members.

As the 2024-2025 Board is installed and the next leadership year begins, there will be more information shared about these new pillars. The emphasis is on members not just understanding but also feeling the impact of these pillars in every program and service offered by CPRS, regardless of when, how, or where you choose to engage. 

CPRS Executive Director, Stephanie Stephens