Maintenance Management School

Maintenance Management School (MMS)

November 4 - 8, 2024
UCLA Lake Arrowhead, CA
Hosted by CPRS HQ and MMS Regents

Every year, 150+ park and recreation professionals, representing over 60 public agencies, arrive at stunning Lake Arrowhead to participate in this five-year program. The school teaches a systematic approach for determining the resources needed to maintain a public facility, with lifelong professionals providing knowledge and opportunities not available anywhere else. Whether it's your 1st Year attending, 2nd Year learning with us or you are ready for the Grad Forum, there is place for you at Maintenance Management School!

Click below to see highlights from the 2023 school! 

Learn more about what each year of programming has to offer participants immediately below!

MMS First Year

Maintenance Management School offers practical and innovative education for professional management and maintenance operations personnel.

What will you learn?
How a Maintenance Management Plan (MMP) can improve your agency, your team, and the work you do, all while leading to both professional and personal growth.   You'll walk away with actionable tools to create a customized MMP (maintenance management plan), as well as resources on how to best manage the resources you are responsible for while understanding the fiscal impact of the work you do.

Your first year in our program, you will learn:

  • How to develop a quantitative system to identify needed resources for maintenance
  • How to create a solid and complete maintenance budget for decision-makers
  • How to provide service-level options to meet budget constraints for decision-makers and the general public
  • Teamwork
  • Advancement skills

After completion of the first-year program, you’ll have a “toolbox” of skills and techniques to increase efficiency, productivity, and performance that will help you keep pace with changing societal and organizational trends.

Meet your First-Year Regents:

Dan Fonner, Lead Regent and Parks Superintendent, Placer County Department of Parks and Open Space
Levi Winebrenner, Parks and Facilities Manager, City of Hanford
Emiliano Barajas, Parks Crew Leader, City of Sunnyvale
Robert Sustaita, Park Maintenance Supervisor I, OC Parks

Limited to 75 students.

MMS Second Year

Once you've completed the first-year curriculum, join us for the second of our five year program. Just like first-year, most components are taught by your peers, our School Regents.

What will you learn?
MMS second-year focuses on the 'politics' of being a supervisor and the importance of succession planning.  You'll hone your skills in how to advocate for your program needs, using data gathered through your MMP (maintenance management plan).  Work on budget development helps round out your potential career advancement opportunities taught through this curriculum.

The second-year in our program, you will learn about implementing a Maintenance Management Plan through total resource management:

  • How to develop and manage a budget while keeping up with the politics and ethical issues of modern government
  • Principles of contracting and outsourcing services
  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Public Speaking
Innovative Elements - Student Presentations!  

Second -year builds on the curriculum of first-year with an emphasis on the popular “Innovative Elements” student presentations.  You will learn more about managing budgets, the politics of maintenance management, ethical and professional issues, the principals of contracting and outsourcing, public speaking, and leadership for the maintenance profession. Each student will also present to the class an idea that your agency has creatively implemented in the area of park operations, maintenance, programming or management.  The “Innovative Element” may involve personnel, safety, equipment, preventive maintenance, operations, design or any other area related to outdoor maintenance management.  The presentation will be verbal and will include the use of a PowerPoint slide presentation that must not exceed 5 minutes in length.

  • The presentation will be verbal and will include the use of a PowerPoint or Prezi slide presentation. Images on your slides help tell your story.
  • The presentation must not exceed 5 minutes in length.
  • Each student is asked to bring the PowerPoint or Prezi presentation on a thumb drive for use during your presentation.
  • Be creative!  Use of handouts, visual aids, and video in addition to the PowerPoint or Prezi slides are encouraged.
Meet your Second-Year Regents:

Derek Neumann, Lead Regent and Field Operations Manager, Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority
Melanie Goss, Park Maintenance Supervisor, OC Parks
Jacob Lichtenberger, Parks Superintendent, City of Eastvale

Limited to 45 students.

MMS Grad Forum

Students must have completed both first- and second-year curriculums to be eligible to attend MMS Grad Forum.  

What will you learn?
Our Grad Forum focuses on leadership development and requires personal investment.  Think 'Executive Coaching'... if you are ready to take your career to a new level, this is the forum for you.  All Grad Forum participants can expect to produce a final project on-site.  

Note that our Grad Year is actually THREE years of learning which rotate annually:
Year 1:  Personal Career Development
Year 2:  Planning Forward (last provided in 2023)
Year 3:  Leadership & Management (to be provided in 2024)

The 2024 school will offer grad forum participants the Leadership & Management curriculum focusing on negotiations, delegation, communication, difficult conversations, time management and more. 

Examples of specific topics include: 

  • Leadership
  • Critical Thinking/ Decision Making
  • Delegation
  • Time Management
  • Are you a leader or manager?
  • Political Savvy. What is it?
Meet your Grad Forum Regents:

Tara Gee, Lead Regent and Park Planning and Development Superintendent, City of Roseville
Henry Perezalonso, Recreation, Arts & Community Services Director, Town of Danville

Limited to 25 students.

Registration is now open for the 2024 school!

Register for MMS 2024 here!

The deadline to register is October 1, 2024.  Click the register button to see information about registration deadlines, cancellations, transfers, and more.

See the MMS 2024 pricing structure below.  If you would like to learn more about CPRS membership for the cost savings (among other benefits) please call CPRS HQ at (916) 665-2777.  

CPRS Member Rate Non-Member Rate

First / Second / Grad Year Early Registration
(Ends 09/16/2024)

$1,900 $2,300

First / Second / Grad Year Late Registration
(09/17/2024 - 10/01/2024)

$2,100 $2,500
Transportation to/from Ontario Airport $120 $130

The registration fee provides an all-inclusive experience: 

  • Four days of education and professional development engagements & networking opportunities 
  • All learning materials and supplies 
  • Windbreaker jacket 
  • All meals while on-site (4 breakfasts, 4 lunches, and 4 dinners)
  • Four nights of lodging at the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge
  • Continuing Education Units ("CEUs")

Register for MMS 2024 here!

If you would like more information about MMS, please connect with CPRS HQ at (916) 665-2777.  

Apply for Scholarships

Now through July 14th applications are accepted for partial and full tuition scholarships, made possible by the MMS Scholarship Fund!  Only two components to complete an application: (1) 10-15 minutes to complete an online application & (2) a brief letter of recommendation/support from your current employer.  Available for any year of participation -- view the application for eligibility requirements, when awards will be announced, and more details.  CLICK HERE to apply now!  

Did you know many of the CPRS Districts and Sections offer professional development scholarships of their own?  Contact your local District or relevant Section to learn more about the opportunities available to you! 

The California Foundation for Parks and Recreation (CFPR) also offers professional development scholarships annually.  These applications are due June 30, 2024.  CLICK HERE to learn more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: General Schedule

Daily Schedule Overview

The schedule depicted above is the general daily schedule of events which is subject to change.  Students will receive a more detailed schedule specific to their year of programming once on-site if not sooner. 

FAQ: Lodging Assignments

All MMS students are provided four nights of lodging at the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge as part of their registration.  All dwellings offer private sleeping quarters and many offer private bathrooms, however, some are limited to a shared bathroom.  

At the time of registration, students are asked if they have any roommate requests.  We welcome you to let us know about your preferences for both who you want and do not want to be paired with (e.g., a preference to not be roomed with someone from the same agency).  Registrants may update their response to this question up until the registration deadline of October 1, 2024 either online via the registration page or by calling CPRS HQ at (916) 665-2777. 

Students will be paired with another student of the same gender; please reach out to Lauren Oakley at if this approach may fall short of your comfort levels or if you have concerns.  CPRS HQ is responsible for assigning all student roommates, taking the roommate request responses into consideration.  We will do our best but cannot guarantee being paired with your requested roommate.  After gender and requests have been considered, CPRS aims to pair students in the same year of programming.  

Students will receive notice of their assigned roommate 1-3 weeks in advance of the school via email. 

FAQ: Lodging for Early Arrivals & Late Departures

Lodging is provided to all MMS students for four nights checking in on Monday, 11/04 and checking out on Friday, 11/08. 

If students choose to arrive early, they may contact UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge directly to inquire about reserving a room at their own expense.  This may be a helpful option depending on the timing of your travel plans/options.  

Similarly, students may inquire with UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge directly about opportunities to extend their stay beyond Friday at their own expense.  

FAQ: Meals

MMS students are provided with all meals while on-site including four breakfasts, four lunches, and four dinners beginning with lunch on Monday, November 4th and ending with breakfast on Friday, November 8th.  All meals are served in the restaurant of the main lodge.

Breakfast will be served as a buffet daily at 7 - 8 am.

Lunch will be served as a buffet daily at 12 - 1 pm. 

Dinner will be served as a plated, multi-course meal at 5:30 - 7 pm.  

Students can look forward to greeting the MMS Regents and CPRS HQ team each morning as they lead the breakfast line before stepping away for a planning meeting at the outset of each school day.

FAQ: Evening Socials

Per the general schedule (see above) an optional networking social is offered every evening of the school.  Students are welcome to attend once their program has concluded for the evening. 

On Wednesday, 11/06, school regents invite students interested in learning more about regent service to dine with them during dinner.  Tables will be reserved in the parlor of the dining room for the Regent Meet & Greet Dinner.  (Students who complete the second-year program are eligible to apply to serve as regents.) 
After dinner, school regents will host a more formal Q&A in the tavern with students interested in learning more about regent service and the application process.  

On Thursday, 11/07, all students are invited to attend the annual football-themed party.  Represent your favorite team, connect with fellow students, celebrate your hard work, and enjoy the DJ!  

FAQ: Wait List

Each year of programming has a limited number of seats: approximately 75 for first-year, 45 for second-year, and 25 for the graduate forum.  Every year there are some students who are not able to register in time.

CPRS HQ will maintain a wait list of folks who are interested in registering in the event an appropriate space opens up.  To get on the wait list, you may either email Lauren Oakley (she/her) at or call CPRS HQ at (916) 665-2777.  We anticipate the wait list will be most active in September and early October.  CPRS HQ team members will reach out to the contact on file as soon as an appropriate spot opens up for the wait-listed student.  

Those on the wait list are encouraged to be prepared to issue payment via credit card over the phone in the event they have an opportunity to register.  CPRS cannot guarantee participation until payment is received. 

Students who remain on the waitlist will be among the first to receive notice when registration opens for the 2025 school.  

FAQ: What to Bring

First-Year students are asked to please bring a laptop (or similar device) to participate in some of the educational programming & projects.  

We highly recommend packing layers.  While the weather is generally beautiful, at a high elevation near the lake you can look forward to experiencing a variety of conditions.  We will spend a great deal of time indoors, but programming and activities will also be conducted outdoors at various times of day.  There are no water activities planned.  Each student will be provided with a windbreaker jacket branded with the school emblem.
Other recommended gear includes sunglasses, hat, closed-toe shoes, warm socks, full-length pants, flash light, and chap stick.  When it comes to apparel, please use good sense and when in doubt, lean professional; if you wouldn't wear that graphic t-shirt to work, please do not wear it to school. 

Please bring a refillable water bottle with you.  At high elevation it is critical to stay hydrated.  Please be advised, the dwellings are rustic and do not have water service like you might expect at a metropolitan hotel.  There will be water stations throughout the main lodge to refill your bottle.  

Past students can speak to the benefits of bringing cash with you.  There will be a variety of fundraising efforts at the school to support the school's scholarship fund including a modest selection of merch available for purchase on-site and the annual football pool.  Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will also be available for purchase during the evening networking socials (also contributing to the scholarship fund).  Opportunities to utilize electronic payment may be limited on-site.  

If you still have questions about what to bring, we recommend reaching out to a past student (if you know one) or the regents for your year of programming.  See the information specific to each year of programming above for regent contact information.  

Sponsorship Opportunities (2024)

Sponsorship of the school brings direct exposure to 150 park and recreation professionals representing more than 50 public agencies in the Southwestern United States. As decision-makers and employees who influence the final decision-makers, these individuals are continually looking for new and better means and methods to maintain parks and facilities.

Let us know you're interested in 2024 today!

Sponsorship Opportunities (2023)

While the 2024 MMS Vendor and Sponsor package is updated, we welcome you to see the 2023 package details below for reference.

MMS School Sponsor: $2,000

  • Only 1 available
  • Logo placement on MMS webpage
  • Logo banner hung in a prominent location during MMS
  • Recognition during MMS Welcome on Monday, Nov. 6th
  • Opportunity to provide a logoed amenity for all attendees
  • Sponsor & Product Showcase AND Vendor Fair Included! 

MMS Event Sponsor: $1,500

  • Only 2 available
  • Choose between Softball Game on Wednesday or School Social on Thursday
  • Logo banner hung in a prominent location during sponsored event
  • Opportunity to participate in sponsored event 
  • Sponsor & Product Showcase AND Vendor Fair Included! 

      MMS Year Sponsor: $1,200

      • Only 3 available 
      • Choose between 1st Year, 2nd Year or Grad Forum for specialized recognitions 
      • Logo banner hung in sponsored Year classroom 
          • Sponsor & Product Showcase AND Vendor Fair Included!

            Product Showcase and Vendor Fair: $1,000

            • 3 minutes to give a solution-oriented overview of your products or services 
            • Display table at the Vendor Fair
            • Recognition on Sponsor/Vendor Fair banner(s)
            • One (1) ticket to enjoy lunch with our school attendees (additional tickets may be purchased)