Maintenance Management School

Maintenance Management School (MMS)

Scheduled for November 2021
UCLA Lake Arrowhead, CA
Hosted by CPRS HQ and MMS Regents

CPRS is dedicated to keeping the health and safety of our community a priority.
We will continue to monitor state and federal public health guidance for meetings and events to ensure a safe learning experience as we plan for MMS 2021. 

Registration for Maintenance Management School 2021 is not open at this time. 
Please stay tuned for more details.

If you were a 2020 registrant and have not yet chosen a refund or to keep your registration 'on account' with us, please connect with Director of Finance, Tammy Campos.  

If you would like more information about MMS, please connect with MMS Regent Chair Patrick Vaughn or Director of Education, Crystal Bolanos.

Every year, 150+ park and recreation professionals, representing over 60 public agencies, arrive in stunning Lake Arrowhead to participate in this five-year program. The school teaches a systematic approach for determining the resources needed to maintain a public facility, with lifelong professionals providing knowledge and opportunities not available anywhere else.

MMS 1st Year

Open to anyone interested in learning how to develop a comprehensive Maintenance Management Plan.  

Limited to 75 students.

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MMS 2nd Year

Open to those who have completed the MMS 1st year curriculum.  MMS 2nd year focuses on the 'politics' of being a supervisor; learning how to advocate for your program needs; and budget development.

Limited to 45 students.

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MMS Grad Year

Our Grad Year forum focuses on leadership development and requires personal investment.  Students must have completed both 1st and 2nd year curriculums to be eligible to attend MMS Grad Year.  

Limited to 25 students.

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Registration Information

Registration will open soon!

Health and Safety

The health and safety of all MMS participants, speakers, Regents and sponsors is paramount to us.  Our partners at UCLA have taken all necessary precautions to ensure a clean and healthy stay at their conference center. 

Health and Safety protocols include:
  • Student learning environments will be set to allow for proper physical distancing and cleaned regularly
  • Meal times will be staggered, allowing for proper physical distancing and additional cleaning; meals will be served 'take-out' style
  • Students will be housed in condolets and each student will have their own private bathroom
  • Condolets will be deep cleaned prior to arrival; staff will not enter rooms once occupied
  • UCLA staff will use PPE at all times in public areas
Should you have questions or concerns about safety protocols, please contact Stef at CPRS, 916.665.2777.