Parks Make Life Better! Social Media Blitz

Park Bench Autumn Leaves

July is Parks Make Life Better Month!® 

In recognition, we want to share a set of messages that are ready to roll out to your community via social media.  How amazing will it be to see these messages shared from one end of California to the other, coming from a variety of agencies, individuals and Parks Make Life Better!® advocates?  Let’s work together to blast social media all month long!

How can you participate?  It’s easy!
  • Share the key messages with the person at your agency in charge of social media.  Is that person you?  Even better!
  • Encourage the posting of one message per week for the entire month of July. 
  • To make the most impact, we’re recommending every Tuesday in July and following the schedule below.
  • Don’t forget to add your own personal message and the official hashtag - #parksmakelifebetter.
  • Are you able to take it a step further?  If you have the capabilities, swap out the stock photos with photos representative of your agency or community.    

(All Tuesdays, ending with the final message on the last day of the month)

Looking for ideas on text to go along with the photo messages? 

Here are some examples; feel free to copy/paste and/or edit to make them your own.

  • July is Parks Make Life Better Month!  What does PLAY mean to you?  What’s your favorite way to PLAY in our community?  #parksmakelifebetter
  • July is Parks Make Life Better Month!  How do our parks, programs or facilities contribute to your EXERCISE routine?  #parksmakelifebetter
  • July is Parks Make Life Better Month!  What memories do you have of POSITIVE SPACES in parks and recreation while growing up?  #parksmakelifebetter
  • July is Parks Make Life Better Month!  Parks are yesterday, today and the future.  Parks are FOREVER.  #parksmakelifebetter