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2018 California Parks & Recreation Magazine Index:

Winter_2018_Cover_Art.pngWinter 2018, Volume 74, No. 1

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2018 Conference & Expo Highlights
Special section featuring the CPRS Conference & Expo in Long Beach, March 13-16, 2018. Here is a look at what to expect with educational sessions, networking opportunities, special events and the Expo.

What Do You Mean You’re Closing My Street?
New to open street programs? Don’t think you can do one in your community? Read this primer on creating an open street program in your community.

California Action Plan: Guiding the Park & Recreation Profession into the Future! 
Remember the VIP Action Plan: Creating Community in the 21st Century? It’s time to refresh it and CPRS is working on a new plan. Learn about what’s been accomplished and what’s on the horizon.

Spring_2018_Cover_Art.pngSpring 2018, Volume 74, No. 2

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2018 Conference & Expo Highlights
This special section looks back at the recent CPRS Conference & Expo in Long Beach. Attendees were “inspired to excellence” at over 130 educational sessions. Networking opportunities were scattered throughout the conference and attendees were able to visit with over 220 companies at the Expo Show.

Get Ready for Wand Battles in Your Parks
If you thought Pokemon Go was a big event two summers ago, wait until the release of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite!

Get More Use From Your Skate Park
Consider some of these programming ideas to bring more people to your skate park or displace some of the people that should not be at your skate park.

Invest in Our Future
Proposition 68, the California Clean Water & Safe Parks Act is on the June ballot and needs your support. Here are some bullet points to help spark conversations about the proposition. 


Summer 2018 CoverSummer 2018, Volume 74, No. 3

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Incorporating Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in a Community Aquatics program
One agency’s journey to create an aquatics program that caters to children with autism spectrum disorder. Learn how to partner with local stakeholders and customize your aquatics lessons to include everyone in your community.

Importance of Social Justice Training for Staff Members
What is the relevance of training staff so that they understand the importance of creating an environment that is welcoming and understanding of all members of a society?

What’s in an Inclusion Manual
Williamlane Park and Recreation District created a very comprehensive inclusion manual. Read a small portion of their manual on the Inclusion Process and Problems in the Inclusion Process.

Park and Recreation Commissions and Boards: Advocates for our Mission and Profession
Read about how commissions and boards should operate in an ideal world.

Measuring and Communicating the Importance of Parks, Conservation and Health in Your Community
As park and recreation professionals, we need to be better at evaluating and educating our value to decision makers and the public.


Fall 2018 Cover Art

Fall 2018, Volume 74, No. 4

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The Power of Programming in Public Spaces
City revitalization can be accelerated by creative placemaking and programming of public spaces. You are a key person in creating those revitalized places in your communities.

Increasing Aquatic Program Revenue During the “Off-Season”
Just what can you do to increase overall usage of your aquatic facility during the off-season?

Get Them to the Greens
Competition for golfers is as intense as it has always been. Park and recreation courses must find other alternatives to attract new customers and retain current ones.

Take 5 Challenge
The Take 5 Challenge has been going strong for just over a half year. Read about how two CPRS members have taken on the challenge.

CPRS by the Numbers
Not your typical annual report. Here’s a look at the CPRS organization for the past fiscal year.