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2019 California Parks & Recreation Magazine Index:

Winter 2019, Volume 75, No. 1

2019 Conference & Expo Highlights
Special section featuring the CPRS Conference & Expo that will be in Sacramento, March 19-22, 2019. Learn about some of the special educational sessions, networking opportunities and Expo Hall activities that you won’t want to miss.

Former Parks Director Claims Overtime Pay Under FSLA
Law review of the Fair Labor Standards Act and how it applies to a park and recreation professional.

Explorer Campaigns - A New Way to Build Community
Read about the recent SoCal Explorer Campaign to see if you can bring this program to your region.

Know the Score
The 2017-2018 Legislative Scorecard gives a synopsis of the bills followed by CPRS and how each state legislator voted on those bills. How did yours stack up?

Spring 2019, Volume 75, No. 2

2019 Conference & Expo Highlights
This special section looks back at the recent CPRS Conference & Expo in Sacramento. Attendees were able to make “Connections” at over 100 educational sessions. Networking opportunities were scattered throughout the conference and attendees were able to visit with over 200 companies at the Expo Show.

Special Needs Adaptive Programming
Learn how to create positive recreation experiences for all abilities in all your programs, especially without an adaptive programming specialist or a licensed recreation therapist. 

Drownings in Pools with Lifeguards on Duty
The aquatics industry has long pondered the cause of lifeguards failing to identify patrons in need of being rescued, since training programs focus extensive effort on teaching would-be lifeguards what to look for when scanning the pool for active and passive drowning victims.

Working For The Smiles
Here are three factors that will help you refocus your energy where it is best served in providing quality recreation experiences to all and working for those smiles. 

Research Review
Small-scale sporting events are a popular way to raise money and spread knowledge and goodwill for a program, project, or cause. Here is research to support those claims.


Summer 2019, Volume 75, No. 3

10-Minute Walk: connecting people with parks
The City of El Cajon has led the charge in the nationwide campaign to provide a park within a 10-minute walk. Read about their plan to accomplish it by 2030.

Preparing for the Future: Creating Age-friendly Parks and Open Spaces
The AARP, The Trust for Public Land and 8 80 Cities have created a step-by-step guide to creating parks and open spaces for people of all ages. Read about the report and how to use it in your community. 

Research Review
Read this research study on quality recreation and youth activity levels. Some of the questions posed include the correlation between structured and non-structured recreation activities.

CPRS 50 over 50
Seven early submitters give their perspective and advice on the park and recreation profession and leadership. 

CPRS 30 Under 30
The idea of the 30 Under 30 Campaign is to encourage CPRS members under the age of 30 to share their knowledge in training situations with other CPRS Members. Here is a synopsis of six trainers and the sessions they presented. 


Fall 2019, Volume 75, No. 4

Esports Special section 
Esports competitions are on a growth curve rarely seen by other activities. It is a trend that park and recreation professionals should pay attention to. This special section looks at Esports and how it impacts and builds a community.

Esports: It’s way bigger than just sports
Read about the trend of Esports and its global appeal. 

Maricopa trailblazer in esports community with creation of city sanctioned league
Learn how a park and recreation agency implemented an Esports league.

Recreation Departments Take On New Challenges with Esports Programming
What does it take to build your own Esports facility? A recreation department at a university did just that. 

CPRS 50 over 50
Park and recreation leaders give their perspective and advice on the park and recreation profession and leadership.