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I am very active in the California Park and Recreation Society (CPRS), where I served in the Presidential Series of the society from 2019-2021 as the 75th President of the society. I also served two-terms on the State Board of Directors as Council of Section Representative from 2014-2018. I also served as President of the CPRS Aquatics Section in 2011-2012 and CPRS District 2 in 2013-2014.
I have been involved in the park and recreation profession as a part-time and full-time employee for over 25 years. I began my career at the Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District when I was 15 years old. I later served with the El Dorado Hills CSD and the Cosumnes CSD before my current position as the Recreation & Community Services Manager with the City of Folsom Parks & Recreation Department and am responsible for the Youth, Teen, Senior Services, Special Events, Facilities, Aquatics, Sports, Community Arts, and an Art Gallery. The division has 64 FTE professional staff with an expense budget of $5.4 million and revenues of $4.1 million.